CNS Occupational Medicine is a subsidiary of Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS).

CNS began as a means to communicate the government regulations in the transportation industry to business owners, drivers, and operators. CNS is a highly rated nationally recognized service provider that puts compliance and customer service at the forefront of its’ focus.

CNS Occupational Medicine began by offering DOT Physicals and on-site drug testing for workers within the transportation community, which sparked its’ natural evolution into what it is today. We quickly branched out to service the employers subject to OSHA requirements for health evaluations.

The CNS Occupational Medicine team is comprised of business and health professionals focused on delivering health and screening services for the construction, transportation, medical, educational, service, and manufacturing work forces in the United States.

We are focused on bringing together the best parts of the CNS and CNS Occupational Medicine brands by being proactive and getting ahead of potential issues with a high level of service and care.

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