Our Companies

CNS Companies is a collection of several subsidiary companies focused on very specific industry services

Compliance Navigation Specialists

DOT Compliance and Safety Services

CNS is comprised of a team of professional Compliance Navigation Specialists here to help trucking and transportation companies remain safe, compliant and profitable.

CNS Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance

CNS Insurance is an insurance agency specializing in insuring independent owner-operators and fleet management companies commercial trucking and auto insurance.

CNS Driver Training Center

CDL Training

Our CNS Driver Training Center is comprised of CDL driving instructors that are professional, experienced, and dedicated to making the roads a safer place for both truck drivers and anyone else on the road.

CNS Occupational Medicine

DOT, OSHA and Medical Services

CNS Occupational Medicine is a team of business and health professionals focused on delivering health and screening services for the construction, transportation, medical, educational, service, and manufacturing companies across the US.

CNS Licensing Center

Licensing and Permitting

The CNS Licensing Center is a bonded, licensed and PennDOT authorized messenger service that has served Lititz and the surrounding area for the past 32 years. 

CNS Online Course

DOT Industry Required Courses

We are currently offering three different types of training, including online training, live webinars, and in-person training. Review the website to see what type of training fits you best.